Milena Williamson is a poet and PhD student at The Seamus Heaney Centre at Queen's University Belfast.

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Michael Longley's 80th Birthday Celebration with the Belfast Book Festival and the Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry

"The Belfast Book Festival, with its broad and accessible approach to all things literary...has inspired the city to think differently about books."

Hillsborough Festival of Literature and Ideas

2019 and 2018

"More than 30 events taking place throughout the village including poetry, prose, music, fi­lm and talks"

Issue 31 of The Lifeboat

a poetry publisher based in Belfast

Mairtín Crawford Reading at the Belfast Book Festival 2018

"When I won the Mairtín Crawford Poetry Award it provided me with the support I needed to grow as a poet...After winning the award, I felt recognised by Belfast’s literary community, and this allowed me to better see myself as an emerging poet."

Poetry Ireland Introductions Series 2018

"Emerging poets...will participate in workshops on the craft of writing...then showcase their work over the course of two cabaret-style evenings at Poetry Ireland during the International Literature Festival Dublin."

Michael Longley's 80th
The Lifeboat reading
Reading at Poetry Ireland
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