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Lockdown Life Days 1-50

When the UK announced lockdown on March 24th, it was initially set for 3 weeks, just 21 days. But that was the story that never happened. After consulting my diary, phone, message logs, and more, I created this time capsule-scrapbook. It includes what I would've been doing ('in another life') had the pandemic not happened: the spring semester, the regularly scheduled programming before the interruption of the important message. Holidays came and went, hobbies were tried and abandoned. There was loss and joy and all the strange emotions in between.

Day 1: March 24th 2020 The UK and Northern Ireland officially go into lockdown.

Day 4: March 27th 2020 Fancy coffee and the beginning of weekly Skypes with a new friend.

A glass of whipped coffee and milk with a spoon.

Day 8: March 31st 2020 Although I was already in the habit of Skyping my family on weekends, Covid-19 helped us remember what really matters—love and laughter and the people who make your life meaningful.

A family skype

Day 11: April 3rd 2020 In another life, I would be attending the Irish Association for American Studies conference and presenting a paper this weekend.

Day 16: April 8th 2020 Chag sameach! Happy Passover!

Day 22: April 14th 2020 Planting time.

Ten small plant pots and their seeds laid out, ready to be planted.

Day 23: April 15th My great-uncle, Joseph Feingold, dies from Covid-19.

Day 24: April 16th At the Lagan River, taking the time to reflect on this strange new world.

The Lagan River, view from Stranmillis Road.

Day 27: April 19th 2020 In another life, I would be seeing Harry Styles perform in Dublin with my housemate. Instead, I’m making some bookmarks.

Some homemade bookmarks, tape, scissors, and scraps of paper

Day 28: April 20th 2020 In another life, I would be flying from Dublin to Philly, going home for visit with my favorite people in the whole world.

Day 29: April 20th 2020 First time using Microsoft Teams for a PhD supervisory meeting.

Day 31: April 23rd 2020 My housemate and I have been doing just a wee bit of letter-writing and online shopping.

A pile of letters and mail inside the hallway in front of the door.

Day 34: April 26th 2020 This blog is born!

Day 37: April 29th 2020 In another life, I would be flying from Philly to Dublin, returning to Belfast after a short holiday at home.

Day 45: May 7th 2020 A glimpse of my daily walk through Botanic Park.

A flowering archway in Botanic Park.

Day 47: May 9th 2020 Campus is closed but still in bloom.

Pink and purple tulips in Lanyon inner courtyard.

I made homemade pasta and was amazed at its stretch factor!

A girl stretches a strand of pasta in the kitchen.

Stay tuned for next week's post, days 51-100!

Sending love an ocean away!


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