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Poetry online...

Poems and interview in Estudios Irlandeses, Ireland in Search of the Legacies of Enlightenment
'Slides' in Magma, Issue 84 Physics
'In the Treatment Room' in Propel, Issue 1
'Hometown Half-mile' in Lucent Dreaming
'Interview (2006)' in bath magg
'Gulf' in bath magg
Some Natural Notes About Her Body' in Banshee
'Terminal Six', 'When We Meet', 'Guest' and more for the Mairtín Crawford poetry award
'Love' and 'On Our Last Night in Lancaster, Pennsylvania' in the Irish Independent
'Woman in a Tub by Edgar Degas' in Poem Atlas
'I Must Be Thy Lady', 'The Engine of My Thoughts','A Butter-Woman',
'The Raven and the Lark', and 'Sweeter Creature' in 
Blackbox Manifold
'Digging' in The Honest Ulsterman
'Summation of an Infinite Series' in The Honest Ulsterman
'An Irish Woman Travels to England' on RTÉ
'On Our Night Out' in Magma Poetry Online

Poetry in print...

'Listen' in Under the Radar, The Journeys Issue
'Lawful' in Ambit, Magick Issue
'Slides' and 'Portrait of My Father in Street View'
Magma, Issue 84 Physics
'Before the Music Drops' in Banshee, Issue 14
'Charm for Catching a Train' in Washing Windows Too
'He Calls and I Ring Him Back' in Poetry Ireland Review
'Untitled Nude' in Romance Options: Love Poems for Today
'Found Letter, Partly Burnt' and 'Found Letter Written in Crayon' in The Rialto, Issue 98
'On the Day My Father is Born' and 'How to Fail the 1970 Draft' in The War Poetry Review
'How They Kept Their Wings: a Triptych'
 in Oxford Poetry, Issue 92
'Stranger' in Hold Open the Door from UCD Press
'Ill Met by Moonlight'; 'Badger the Dog'; 'Intermission' in Poetry Birmingham Literary Journal, Issue 2
'Encore' in Abridged, Issue 58: Kassandra
'The Outing' in Poetry Ireland Review, Issue 126
'Task Slips for Closeness-Generating Procedure' in The Tangerine, Issue 6
Six poems in Blackbird: New Writing from The Seamus Heaney Centre
'In Utero' in The Tangerine, Issue 4
'How to Make Latkes in Belfast' in The North, Issue 61: The Irish Issue
'Beyond the Familiar Landscape of Violence: A Conversation with Philip Metres' in The Writer's Chronicle

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